Oman National Museum

Situated on a prestige site in the centre of Old Muscat, this National Museum sets out to showcase the cultural heritage of Oman from prehistoric times to the present day.
Construction of the building is nearing completion and final design of the galleries is in progress.

Located directly across from the Sultans Palace we specified and supplied Bespoke Solid Bronze Materials – Levers, Pull Handles, Push Plates, Floor Spring Covers etc. Products that could not be manufactured in solid bronze were Plated and Lacquered in component form and then assembled before supply. Concealed Bearing Hinges came from the manufacturer in part form, plated then returned to the manufacturer for assembly - all to meet Architects requirements.

  • Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Oman
  • 107,639 sq ft
  • Carillion Alawi
  • Arts Architecture (UK)
  • Cowi